Install APC on WAMP server

The main benefit of APC is to increase the performance of PHP scripts.
How to install APC on WAMP 2.1:
1) Go to
2) Download
3) Copy php_apc.dll to \wamp\bin\php\php5.3.5\ext
4) Enable php_apc extension from WAMP server panel -> PHP extensions

Enable apc extension

5) Open php.ini \wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.17\bin and add this:

apc.enabled = 1
apc.shm_segments = 1
apc.shm_size = 64M
apc.max_file_size = 10M
apc.stat = 1

6) Restart Wamp server
7) Open this address http://localhost/?phpinfo=1 in your favourite browser
And check for this section:
Phpinfo page apc
If you see that section, then everything is ok and you successfully installed APC extension on your WAMP server.
I add new article for WAMP 64bit with APC, you can found it here 64bit wamp

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